Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time Wasting Online: Video Game Style

There's a lot of video games to waste time with online. Lots. Heaps and stuff. Here's three that should keep you entertained:

1. Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. I think there's a non-Facebook version around too but there's nothing better than beating all most of your friends (I'll beat you one of these days, Anna) and sending them a message letting them know.

2. Pac-Match-Party. This is a hybrid of Pac-Man and Bejeweled. Since the Bejeweled formula is such a winner, you can't really go wrong. Especially when Pac-Man is involved. This free flash game was created by Namco for Pac-Man's 30th anniversary.

3. Mirrors Edge 2D. A 2D version of the 3D parkour-style game for XBOX 360 and PS3. Heaps of fun. Controls really well and gives you a sense of what to expect from the 3D game.

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